Great Boat Building Event Last Weekend

boat workshopOne of our main missions here at is to provide a diverse educational platform for underprivileged kids.

While most of our work focuses on helping them get access to educational materials, such as books, notebooks, and computers, we also think it’s hugely important to expose these children to different themes and topics, many of which children in middle and upper middle class households would take for granted.

Last weekend we had an excellent event that catered to exactly this mission. George Rupert, a hobby boat builder enthusiast, gave an interactive presentation at his wharf-side workshop.

Over a dozen children were able to attend, and it turned out to be fun for all ages!

Understanding DIY Boat Building

The first part of the morning George spent talking about some of the big picture issues involved in boat building and DIY boat projects.

The most important among them, he stressed, was to always put safety first, whether you’re desgining the boat plan, sawing wood in the workshop, or taking a finished project out on the water for the first time. Whatever stage you’re at, whenever you’re dealing with anything related to going out on the water, boater safety should always be a top concern.

Since George has been building boats in spare time for over a decade, he has an excellent grasp of what makes boat building fun, and his passion in teaching the basics to the kids really shone through.

He was able to show several different types of boats, including wooden boats, aluminum boats, fishing boats, and a canoe, each at different stages of development. He also showed where and how he gets the diy boat plans to start a new project.

Hands on Boat Workshop!

canoeOnce George finished his introductory tlak, he let each and every one of the kids take their turn sanding down one of his wooden boat plans that he’d been working on.

This was a great hands on education that I know the kids are going to take with them for a long time, and it shows that there are plenty of options for them when it comes to finding hobbies and after school activities to get involved in.

After they finished sanding the diy fishing boat, George led them in small groups over to one of his canoes, which he had recently finished.

After going through another short talk about canoe safety, he took it off the stand and placed it in the water, and took turns – with four kids at a time – doing a small spin around the inlet.

It was truly a fun day, and I can’t wait to schedule more educational exposure activities like this one!

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